Irretrievable break-down of the marriage

The breakdown of the marriage must, for whatever the reasons, have reached such a state of disintegration that there is no reasonable prospect of the restoration of a normal marriage relationship between them. Proof of this can include evidence showing that:

Mental Illness or Continuous unconsciousness

Proof of mental illness includes evidence showing that:

Proof of continuous unconsciousness includes evidence showing that:

What is an unopposed / uncontested divorce?

When the spouses or partners decide to dissolve their marriage, very often they will agree on the division of their property and on the payment of the maintenance. They will then draw up a settlement agreement with or without the assistance of an attorney and the court granting the divorce may incorporate this agreement in the divorce order. If the agreement is incorporated both parties will be bound by the agreement.

What is an opposed / contested divorce?

When the spouses or partners decide to dissolve their marriage but cannot agree on one or more of the issues i.e. care, contact and the maintenance of the children, it is advisable that the spouses or partners seek legal advice from separate attorneys.

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